"Pupils to the museums"

Within the framework of the "School and Museum Campaign", the Office of the Directorate of Culture of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government can provide financial support for museum visits for pupils of Upper Austrian schools.

We are extending the special exhibition "The Wonder of Diversity - Knowing and Understanding Upper Austria's Nature". This special exhibition was developed in cooperation with the Department of Nature Conservation of the Province of Upper Austria and is especially suitable for classroom supplementation.

For organizational reasons, guided tours of the exhibition must be bindingly arranged before a visit!

Natural Worlds

The meeting place nature in the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut Nature Museum invites you to discover and get to know nature and biodiversity in all their rich facets at your leisure.

Enjoy the diversity of the depicted natural worlds and supplement your knowledge. The presentation of the diversity of species in their natural habitats invites you to observe, discover, compare and find for everyone!

Bus tours, clubs, company outings, as well as larger groups that would like a guided tour, please book in advance and make an appointment.


Natural Worlds

Exhibition rental

Take a look at our current exhibition repertoire. We rent out entire exhibitions that have already been put together, as well as individual dioramas, and we are also happy to work with customers who want to create their own themed exhibitions.

Our very carefully designed exhibitions and dioramas show the animals in their natural habitats and invite the viewers to their own search and observation, where the "discovery" is often perceived as a special experience.

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