Woodpeckers - builders of the forest

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Native woodpecker species

Around 200 species of woodpeckers live worldwide. In Austria, there are only 10 in total, which have adapted perfectly to very different forest forms at all altitudes.

All species occurring in Austria are exhibited. In direct comparison you can learn to recognize the different species. Whether as "instrumental soloists", as climbing artists or master builders, woodpeckers are unique in their form and adaptations within the bird world. From the black woodpecker to the lesser spotted woodpecker and wryneck, you will learn the most important details about all species in this exhibition.

With the construction of their breeding cavities, woodpeckers have a unique importance for after-user species. Roller, grouse owl and others up to the very rare hermit beetle can also be found.

The natural enemies of woodpeckers, such as sparrow hawks, goshawks and pine martens, are an important part of this exhibition.